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There Is No Dana, Only Alyssa Milano

Are you the Keymaster? I was disappointed to hear that actress Sigourney Weaver had declined to reprise her role as Dana Barrett in the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game, but now that I hear the circumstances behind her decision, I find that I don't respect her quite as much anymore.  The story goes that game developer Terminal Reality offered Ms. Weaver (and her character) a place in the game, but she passed... but only until she found out that Bill Murray was involved with the project.  Only then did she want in.  Game Reactor has the details, and while I can't find any other verification of the story, a number of larger game news sites have picked up on it, so I'm going to roll with it for the time being.

Another old Ghostbusters star, Sigourney Weaver was approached early on about the possibility of her reprising the role as Dana Barrett. The actress turned it down, but Brendan Goss revealed that once Bill Murray's participation was made official she came back asking if she could be in the game (through her agent we presume). However, at that stage another leading lady had already been written into the story and the production was way too far along to include Sigourney Weaver's character.

So now I'm thinking that Ms. Weaver looks down on video games as low art and only wanted to become involved when she found out it was a project worthy of Hollywood talent and not just a mere child's toy. Bah!  I'll be talking with Terminal Reality's Glenn Gamble on the next episode of Kombo Breaker, so I'll see if I can get to the bottom of this.  Meanwhile, Kombo reports that the lead female role in the new Ghostbusters game has gone to Alyssa Milano (which is also the first I'm hearing of that).  As much as I liked the Dana Barrett character in the two Ghostbusters films, maybe it's a good thing that she sit this adventure out.  Like she asked in the second film, how many times can paranormal events involve/target her?  Besides, if Dana did return, she'd have to bring her son Oscar along, and frankly I do not want to have to play any "protect the defenseless toddler" missions.  It's bad enough having to protect a partner in games like Resident Evil 5, but at least in that game my partner can fire a gun.  Oscar would be totally helpless.  You know, like what happened with teenager Ashley in Resident Evil 4.