Boy, Blob Try Again On Nintendo Wii

Sega Promises We Will See Sonic The Werehog Again (Plus: Unleashed For Cheap)

Sonic the WerehogLast year's Sonic Unleashed for all three current generation consoles and the Sony PlayStation 2 was a step back in the right direction for the future of Sonic the Hedgehog, and while the speedy joyful daytime levels received plenty of praise, it's been generally agreed that the slow brawling nighttime werehog levels of the game slowed the fun down with a screeching halt.  This, of course, means that we're destined to meet the more savage form of Sonic again some day in the future.  The director of the new Sonic and the Black Knight for the Nintendo Wii, Tetsu Kotano, promised Sonic fans in an interview with Video Gamer that we will see the werehog again.

VG: What kind of things would you have done differently [in Sonic Unleashed]? Will we see the Werehog again?

TK: For the improvements, I can't think of anything right now off the top of my head. If I think of any ideas then Sonic Unleashed 2 will be the time for that, so I don't really have an answer for that. But you will see the Werehog again. I like [Sonic and the] Secret Rings very much, but when it came to making this title [Sonic and the Black Knight] we chose to do something different. All the good things about Secret Rings belong to that specific game. So in the same way, unless we're going to make Sonic Unleashed 2 you might not see him again. But if we are going to make it, you might see him again. It's a possibility.

If we have to play with the werehog again, I hope that he's not such a momentum-killing obstacle as he was in Unleashed.  Speaking of Unleashed, has the game on sale as a Deal of the Day.  It's not worth the $50 or $60 retail price, but the one-day-only sale price of $20 or $30 seems like a good bargain considering what the game has to offer.  If it helps you, think of it as buying just the speedy day levels and getting the clunker night levels for free.

(via Kotaku)