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Wii remote meets PS3 Say what you will about the Nintendo Wii's motion control capabilities, but the little remote that started out as a gimmick has kickstarted competition between the major console producers in ways beyond finding new places to jam control sticks or buttons.  Waving controllers around like a madman or madwoman is big business, but so far Sony has seen mixed results with their Sixaxis contraption found in the eponymous controller and DualShock 3 variation for the PlayStation 3.  Rumors have been stirring for a while that the company was working on its own Wii remote clone that aims to ape Nintendo's take on a one-handed controller, and now Kombo has word that this PlayStation remote is finished and ready for a little love from game developers.

We've heard the whispers and hints for quite a while now, but we can finally lay the doubt to rest. Our source, which has a superb track record for accuracy, has informed us that Sony is not only developing a PS3 motion sensing remote to combat Nintendo's Wii Remote, but it's already finished. In fact, our source has informed us that Sony is reaching out to key third-party publishers and asking them to implement last minute functionality into their soon-to-be released games and of course compatibility with select future games.

It is unknown as to whether or not Sony's "Remote" will be superior in any way to the Wii Remote. Will it mirror the functionality of the existing Wii Remote or rather the upcoming Wii MotionPlus? Needless to say, this certainly goes against the early criticism Sony had for Nintendo when they first unveiled the Wii Remote. First they released the Sixaxis controller (DualShock 3) with limited built-in motion sensing functionality and now a full-blown PS3 Remote. Please note that this will not become the new standard for PlayStation 3 games, but rather an added option for select games.

I'm curious about what Sony hopes to gain with this new controller.  Do they think that producing its own version of the Wii remote will win over the casual market that has made the Wii such a success?  Are they trying to keep PS3 owners from crossing over to the world of Wii by offering a similar control method?  My hope is that the company actually have some innovative gaming ideas in mind that would only work as intended with a Wii-like remote.  Jamming motion controls into games where they don't belong is one of this generation's greatest issues (Wii and PS3 libraries alike).  I can see a Wii-like remote update of High Velocity Bowling working very well, but not so much for games like, say, Street Fighter IV or Uncharted.  There could be a bright future ahead for a Sony version of the Wii remote that is applied wisely, but my dark fear is that we're about to start down the road leading us to Killzone Tennis, Ratchet and Clank Rhythm Party, and God of War: My Pet Kratos.