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Proving The Colorful Awesomeness Of Kirby's Adventure

Kirby's Adventure is awesome Crossing the finish line at the end of the Nintendo Entertainment System's life, Kirby's Adventure brought Kirby out of the monochromatic world of the Game Boy and into a full adventure that defined his character and his unique abilities in ways that still live on in modern Kirby titles.  Over at GameSpite, Loki has put together a charming comic in which a walking and talking game cartridge reviews what makes Kirby's Adventure such a great game and why its Game Boy Advance remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, fails to live up to the original game's potential.

And then we have Loki's look at Kirby's color debut, which is pure love and happiness distilled into something like a review...but far more wonderful. You will become a better person for having read it.

I missed Kirby's Adventure when it was new (I'd moved on to the Super NES by then), but I did finally discover what makes the game such a triumph when I bought the Virtual Console version for the Wii a while back.  It's definitely one of the better Kirby games and despite being technologically inferior to the more recent Kirby outings, somehow it manages to ooze much more personality than its younger brothers.  If you've never played it, consider it highly recommended.  I find it fascinating to think of how far the NES hardware came during its lifetime.  When I think about how deep Kirby's Adventure (the last great NES game) is compared to Super Mario Bros. (the first great NES game), well... excuse me, I seem to be getting misty-eyed for some reason.