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New Katamari Game Is PS3 Exclusive

Prince of All Cosmos One franchise that has been sorely missed on the Sony PlayStation 3 is Katamari Damacy, but after appearing with mixed results on the Microsoft Xbox 360 earlier this generation as Beautiful Katamari, now the PS3 is getting a new Katamari game of its own.  Entitled Katamari Damacy Tribute, players once again take control of the Prince of All Cosmos in order to roll up the world to create new stars.  More of the same?  Probably so.  Is that a problem?  Not so much.  Kombo has the scant details.

Due for a 2009 release in Japan, the new game is titled "Katamari Damacy Tribute", and is said to be running in full 1080p HD. You'll be back in control of The Prince once more to create stars and more by rolling around your ball and making it grow bigger and bigger.  The designers for Katamari Damacy Tribute have said they want to "aim for a new visual expression" with the newest in the Katamari franchise. Will we see some higher polygon counts? Or will we see more crazy stuff? Only time will tell.

The Katamari games were one of last generation's most pleasant surprises, so provided that the new game avoids the missteps of the X360 edition, I look forward to seeing what Namco Bandai comes up with.  More bizarre quirky fun is always welcome in my home.