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Ghostbusters Ghostbusters: The Video Game is still three unbearably long months away, but the developers from Terminal Reality are already doing some interviews to discuss what we'll see in the game.  Check out this week's episode of the Kombo Breaker podcast later today for plenty of fun and informative stories from Terminal Reality's Glenn Gamble, but in the meantime there is this interview with the company's Brendan Goss and Drew Haworth over at Stretegy Informer in which we get some definitive answers about how driving Ecto-1 fits into the game, which gameplay features were cut in the name of authenticity, where Vigo the Carpathian fits into the mix, and why Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis offered to come on board to help shape the game.

Strategy Informer: Who came up with the idea to do a Ghostbusters game? Were you approached to make the game or did you pitch the idea to Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis?

Brendan Goss: It was actually really interesting. We were pitching the team and technology solution with the Infernal Engine and we went to Sierra pitching a first-person, modern day military shooter and they came back to us and said, “How would you feel about doing Ghostbusters?” Once we’d scooped ourselves from the floor, there was a moment of wow; this is incredible followed by wow, that’s really scary in the sense that the expectations are huge for something like that. Then we went to Sony Pictures and Sony said, “Yeah, we’ve wanted to do Ghostbusters for quite a while, we’ve seen your tech and we think that this is something that could really work. If you guys can get the talent on board, we’re in.”

So, we went back and did the ballroom scene from the Sedgwick Hotel and really tried to show that we could deliver a high quality authentic experience. Not a standard movie type game you know, really something unique. That was shown to Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and they immediately jumped on board and when they said, “We can tell that you share a passion. How would you feel if we wanted to write the story for it? Would you guys be open to that?” that was the biggest thing for us.

I really want this game to succeed.  Of course I want it to be lots of fun to play, but moreover my hope is that Ghostbusters shows the industry that it is preferred that movie-based games be more than just a quickie cash-in product thrown out to match the release date of the latest summer blockbuster.  I'm very comfortable with how the game is shaping up.  The gang at Terminal Reality really does "get it" when it comes to this franchise.  They are treating Ghostbusters with the respect and talent that it deserves.  Dan Aykroyd certainly approves, so if he's happy with the game, I think we're in good hands.

(via Joystiq)