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High Voltage Hot Rod Show Review At Kombo

High Voltage Hot Rod Show If the classic R.C. Pro-Am from the Nintendo Entertainment System era and the Nintendo Wii stunt racer Excite Truck fell in love and gave birth to a child, WiiWare title High Voltage Hot Rod Show from High Voltage Software would be the bouncing baby.  While far too short, this enjoyable racing game has its bright moments.  My review of the game has been published over at Kombo.  Here's a piece of the article:

High Voltage Hot Rod Show puts players behind the wheel of adorably overpowered animated vehicles driven by uniquely wild & crazy characters and turns them loose to race laps around a curvy offroad racetrack filled with ramps, boost strips, muddy patches, and other hazards. Hit the ramps just right and hop to launch into the air and soar through floating hoops and stars while performing zany stunts to build a decent boost needed to blow past rivals back on the ground. Single-player, local four-person multiplayer, and time trial modes all revolve around maintaining speed and turning corners efficiently. Online leaderboards rank players based on lap times for those who would rather beat a clock than a rival vehicle.

Hot Rod Show suffers from a few issues that ultimately hold it back from being a must-own download, but there's potential in it.  I don't know that I'd be interested in a WiiWare sequel, but should the game turn up expanded and refined for a disc-based release, it could turn into something special.  It's painful to see what could have been a solid game crash into Nintendo's WiiWare size restrictions.  I had to move a bunch of (admittedly dusty) Virtual Console games off of my Wii's memory in order to fit Hot Rod on the console, and frankly I'm not convinced that the trade-off was worth it.