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Gyrostarr Review At Kombo

Gyrostarr After reviewing High Voltage Hot Rod Show for Kombo I was immediately thrown into another WiiWare title courtesy of developer High Voltage Software.  The next downloadable game on our cavalcade of lackluster entertainment is Gyrostarr, a potentially interesting but not very enjoyable space shooter that combines elements of R-Type with the bonus levels from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  Here's a piece my review of the game which is now available over at Kombo:

Gyrostarr's bright, vividly sharp backgrounds would look like dynamite on a console capable of HD visuals, but on the Wii the levels all have a washed out, faded appearance. The music suffers from what sounds like the same heavy compression issues that hamper another High Voltage Software WiiWare release, High Voltage Hot Rod Show. I'm left with the conclusion that the developer could do some visually and musically impressive things if not restricted by Nintendo's WiiWare file size limitations. The dip in quality is especially noticeable in Gyrostarr's case.

It's not a bad game, mind you.  It's just not very engaging or memorable, earning it a solid middle-of-the-road rating.  I want to like the various WiiWare titles I've played, but so far they're all missing that certain something.  We talk a lot about how Wii software is leaning heavily towards empty calorie shovelware, but I'm finding that the state of WiiWare isn't much better.