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Weekly Poll: Where's The Undo Button?

Weekly Poll for 2-02-2009 I had a decent idea that most of you out there would be core gamers overall (you're reading a gaming blog, after all, and people who only occasionally dabble in Tetris don't usually find their way here), but I thought it was worth asking anyway.  I also identify as a core gamer, but I do have my casual side.  For instance, last week I went ahead and shelled out the $9.99 for Bejeweled 2 from the Sony PlayStation Network.  Of course, I've been working my way through the trophies.  There's your casual/core combination right there.

Last week I mentioned that gaming habits can seep into one's own real-world behaviors, such as instinctilvely reaching for the nonexistant Undo button after something accidental happens in reality.  Has this sort of thing ever happened to you?  Let's hear about it before you steal another car and crash it just for kicks.