Kombo Breaker - Episode 16: John Davison and the Other Side of Game Journalism
Commodore 64 Comes To Nintendo's Virtual Console

Weekly Poll: Location, Location, Location

Weekly Poll for 2-19-2009There's not as much adoration and excitement for Street Fighter IV as I'd expected.  Is it because the Street Fighter concept has grown stale for you or is it because you do not own the consoles that can play it?  I know the majority of the PTB audience tends to only own Nintendo Wiis this generation, but still... I guess this explains why nobody was interested in challenging me to a match over the weekend: there isn't anyone out there to do it!  Street Fighter IV has thoroughly impressed me.  I think it's the best of the series yet and it's going to get a very glowing review from over at Kombo, but you'll have to read that later this week to find out why.

Looking ahead, we spend a lot of time talking about playing games, but hardly ever discuss where games are played.  So this week I'm asking you about how you have your consoles and PC arranged in your home.  Where is your gaming sweet spot?  Are the consoles sharing space in your living room?  Crammed into a bedroom?  Enshrined in a special media room?  Crunched into a shared dorm unit?  Let's hear about your use of space.