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Grand Theft Auto IV My latest little commentary over at Kombo involves how to frighten non-gaming people by talking about dirty digital deeds within earshot.  Yes, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to scare random passerby with tales of shooting thugs, buying weapons, and stealing cars.  It happens to all of us eventually. Just a few week ago I was bragging to a co-worker in the first-person about the many cars I'd stolen and the many people I'd shot dead in Grand Theft Auto IV when a police officer walked by us and, hearing my story, turned his head in our direction. I quickly tacked on the phrase "in the game" to the end of my sentence, and the officer turned his attention away and continued on his way. I don't think I'll brag about my Grand Theft Auto exploits in public again, but at least I'm still armed and digitally dangerous.