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Stan Smith Takes The Beet Man Challenge

Stan Smith plays Beet Man When CIA agent and family man Stan Smith begins taking experimental medication that eliminates the need for sleep, he vows to spend his nights alone enjoying solitary activities such as reading, teaching himself how to play the guitar, and learning how to use the Internet, but those things do not compare to his eventual love of the Beet Man video game, a [fictional] classic title that appears to be from the 16-bit era and borrows elements from games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Dig Dug, and Dance Dance Revolution.  Before long, mastering Beet Man consumes both Stan's days and nights, driving his also-sleepless wife Francine towards her own new husbandless hobbies.  Will Stan conquer the regional Beet Man championship or will he lose Francine to her new-found fame as an oceanographer?  Find out in the "Stan Time" episode of American Dad.  Oh, and there's also a subplot about alien Roger and teenager Steve writing a script for a porn film, but you're not interested in such things.  You're here for the video games, right?  Right.  I thought so.

I wonder how long it will be until someone out there creates a little Beet Man parody game based on the snippets of gameplay on display in this episode.