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Nester Fils-Aime Explains Nintendo's Casual Focus

Nester and Wiiner II: No More Heroes Ever what became of Nintendo Power's beloved comic hero, Nester?  After starring in his own Virtual Boy bowling game back in 1996, everyone's favorite Nintendo know-it-all apparently grew up to usurp both the job and name of Reginald Fils-Aime, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America.  As it turns out, Nester is the one responsible for turning a blind eye to the core gaming audience in favor of titles that skew towards the casual players out there such as Wii Play and Wii Fit as part of a diabolical master plan involving greed and laziness.  The truth can now be told courtesy of Playpux Comix in this gripping tale of laughter, tears, tantrums, and the looming threat of history repeating itself.  We haven't seen truthful madness like this since the great Wii shopping stampede of 2007.  How many copies of Wii Music did you buy for your ski house?

Bonus Fact: Atari supposedly produced more Pac-Man cartridges than there were Atari 2600 systems. Why? Atari's management said that they believed that the game would be so popular that people would want to buy a second copy for their ski house.