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Kombo Breaker - Episode 16: John Davison and the Other Side of Game Journalism

Kombo BreakerThe end of another week brings a new episode of the Kombo Breaker podcast.  This week John Davison of What They Play is our guest, and he basically takes over the first hour of the show to talk about his past working at the now-dead Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, his efforts to educate parents about which games may contain objectionable elements, and how his staff's review methods differ from conventional video game journalism.  Then we get back on track with discussion of Burnout Paradise, two WiiWare games that I'm currently reviewing, Valentine's Day at White Castle for some reason, and wrap it all up with a look at the upcoming North American release of the Nintendo DSi and how we expect it to perform in the market.  You can download the show in MP3 format direct from Kombo or subscribe through iTunes.  Then there's the ever-present show notes to review, too.  What do you think, sirs?