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A Salute To The Sega Mega Drive

Commodore 64 Comes To Nintendo's Virtual Console

Commodore 64Nintendo added another classic gaming system to the Virtual Console line-up here in North America today as three Commodore 64 games — The Last Ninja, International Karate, and Pitstop II — are available for 500 Wii Points each.  I had a Commodore 64 computer as a kid.  It was the first computer I ever owned and was a holiday gift from my parents at a very young age.  In fact, it was "always" in our home when I think back to my earliest memories, although I also remember being introduced to it one December morning.  In addition to early word processing and newsletter publication applications, I had a bunch of games for it.  Today's Virtual Console additions were not among them, and here's where the nostalgia trap springs shut on me.  500 Wii Points is, in my mind, too steep for most Commodore 64 games.  However, the list of games that I would consider to be worth the price — games such as ALF: The First Adventure, Ducks Ahoy, Seesaw, Catastrophes, Project Space Station, and, of course, Activision's Ghostbusters — are also games that I loved in my youth and would love to see again outside of emulating the classic computer on my modern PC.  So, there you have it, Nintendo.  If you want me to gobble up Commodore 64 games, make a few of my early gaming memories available on the service, and I'll gladly take a bite.