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Calling All Street Fighters

Street Fighter IVStreet Fighter IV is here at last!  And I mean that literally.  UPS just dropped off a brand new Sony PlayStation 3 version collector edition of the game for me to review for Kombo, and I need your help for part of the review process.  While I'll be putting the single-player Arcade mode through the wringer, I think we all know that it's the game's online multiplayer mode that will make up the bulk of the replay value over time.  I need some online opponents to thrash, which is where all of you out there enter the picture.  If you're interested in playing a few rounds sometime over the next few days, then send me a message via the PlayStation Network (my PSN ID is MattG-PTB) and we'll schedule a time.  Of course, I'll still take on challengers after the review is written, but getting some online time done now through the weekend is critical.  Shall I dismember you to demonstrate your weakness?