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Street FighterWith all of the Street Fighter talk going on lately it's only natural that some renewed interest toward the original 1994 film based on the video game would follow.  A few days ago there was a little discussion here on PTB about Raul Julia's portrayal of the Shadoloo general and warlord M. Bison and how much fun the actor seemed to be having during his performance.  Someone else out there is on the same wavelength, as YouTube user AnimeMaser has put together a sixteen minute selection of Bison's greatest moments from Street Fighter: The Movie.  Are you ready to live in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica?

Raul Julia really is the best part of this movie. He chews the scenery, relishes the overdramatic dialog, and really seems to embrace the role of Bison and the over-the-top aspects of the character. He could make the best of a bad script, be it as Bison or, say, Aram Fingal.

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