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Faith When Mirror's Edge was released late last year for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, some people said that the game would play so much better if it were not locked into a first-person perspective.  Some of us need to see our character run and jump in order to time actions properly.  Now fans of the game's PC version have found a quick little hack that will pull the camera out of heroine Faith's head and allow players to control her from a third-person viewpoint.  I'll direct you to Greyfox of the On-Mirror's-Edge Forums.

Not sure if anyone knows this, but here's the command line for 3rd person view and also no clip view!

Go to "Documents\EA Games\Mirror's Edge\TdGame\Config\" open the file "TDInput" with notepad. Add this line to the "bindings" list:


then press F4 a few times!

I haven't tried this and do not know if it actually works, but the screenshots provided have me convinced.  There's also a YouTube video showing the hack in action.  Don't hold Faith's jerky movements against her.  Remember, we weren't supposed to be able to see her like this, so her motions are likely unoptimized.

While I still think the game would be easier to control with a third-person perspective, watching this video brings up a whole new pack of issues that would need to be addressed if this camera angle were an actual option and not a hack.  Maybe we're truly meant to only see through Faith's eyes after all.

(via GameBrood)