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Mario & Luigi 3 Storyline Revealed

Mario and Luigi 3 After taking on time travel in Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time, it's time for everyone's favorite plumber duo to tackle Fantastic Voyage in the upcoming Mario & Luigi 3 for the Nintendo DS.  This time around our heroes are swallowed by Bowser and must make their way through his body before he can take over the Mushroom Kingdom in their absence.  Kombo has the whole story and some new screenshots.

[I]nstead of following the Partners in Time setup where sometimes the babies would appear on the top screen as the adults occupy the bottom, Bowser gets "top billing," and the Bros. can make him do their bidding by poking at various nerves and stuff. This leads to king-sized freak-outs by the turtle tyrant on the top screen, as he wonders if someone has made a voodoo doll out of him. Hopefully this is more easily manageable than controlling four characters at once in Partners in Time.

Mario and [Luigi] have pretty much the same kind of attack set-up as before, but Bowser gets to strut his stuff in flashier ways. One example is through the use of "vacuum blocks" you can collect through the game and use to suck in enemies, a la Kirby. The faster you mash the X button, the more this hurts anyone who dares stand against big bad Bowser.

I have high hopes for this sequel because it's not only coming from a series that has traditionally been full of self-referential humor and pure fun, but it's an actual first-party Nintendo core gamer title.  This desert is very dry and I am so very thirsty.  Nintendo, please fill my canteen.  And no babies in the gameplay this time!