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Kombo Breaker - Episode 12: K-K-K-KOMBO BREAKER!!!

Kombo BreakerThe Kombo Breaker podcast continues to roll on, and this week we're continuing to tweak the show's format in search of the maximum possible entertainment that can be contained in a ninety-five minute audio file.  This week our show begins with a focus on me, Matthew Green.  As part of efforts to introduce our panel to you, I talk about my background, my gaming origin story, and how I came to be a part of the Kombo team.  Then we move on to talk about the games in our lives this week and discuss three of the week's top news stories (hint: Ghostbusters is back for its second podcast in a row).  We wrap things up with some brainstorming about which movies or television shows that have yet to become video games should get the gaming treatment and an announcement of our new game club feature, so break out that copy of Okami that you bought yet never actually got around to playing.  There's intriguing discussion, fun music flashbacks, and more; join us, won't you?  Download the MP3 file directly or subscribe at iTunes.  Check out the accompanying show notes, too, and don't forget to let us know what you think of the show.  Without you all out there this is basically four guys talking shop to amuse themselves which is fun for us, but kind of misses the point of the whole podcasting idea.