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Awesome Radical Old School Advertising To The Max!

Power Glove The last two decades of the twentieth century brought us many great video games, but it also provided a wealth of bizarre, radical, dripping-with-attitude advertisements.  Who can possibly forget full page spreads in the gaming magazines of the day that promised to make us totally awesome with coolness if only we'd buy a Power Glove or a Sega Game Gear?  My Kombo co-worker and fellow podcast panel member Joey Davidson has taken a loving look back at some old school gaming advertisements.

My favorite part about being a product of the 80's and early 90's is having the ability to look back and smile. I'm sure a lot of the Kombo readers grew up in the same era, and I'm sure plenty of you would enjoy a trip down memory lane. I intend to gather a slew of ads, from the picture medium, that center around gaming in my younger years. These were the ads that made me sit up and take notice while flipping through Boy's Life (yeah, I had that crap, wanna fight about it?), these are the ads that made me stop reading X-men and stare down for dozens of minutes. These are ads from around the time when I was a kid. I hope you can relate, and I hope you'll smile as much as I did.

I have fond memories of tearing into a fresh issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly each month and reading it cover to cover, ads and all.  Sometimes those advertisements were just as entertaining as the articles, providing kooky fun and laughable text courtesy of marketers who were out of touch with their target demographic.