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Weekly Poll: Private Library

Weekly Poll for 11-24-2008So there's not much curiosity or interest or hope for the new Sonic Unleashed, apparently.  I reviewed the Nintendo Wii version for Kombo (more on that later) and came away a little disappointed.  The speedy daylight stages are pure Sonic joy, but there's just not enough of them to justify a purchase.  The game is heavily titled towards the night brawling stages that tend to be slow and repetitive.  I'm planning to try the Sony PlayStation 3 version later in the month because I never learn my lesson about modern Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Speaking of games that justify a purchase, just how large is your gaming library?  How many games do you have?  Have you been collecting for years and years or did you just get started?  Do you keep all of your games or do you trade them for new ones?  Let's hear about your private library of gaming goodness.