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Victory Is Mine With Valuable GameCube Games

Nintendo GameCube Action PadConsidering that I began my gaming journalism career with the world of the Nintendo GameCube it shouldn't come as a surprise that I have more GameCube games in my library than any other console.  In addition to the games I actually wanted to play, I've held on to the review copy freebies that I really don't see myself replaying in the hopes that someday they might be worth some obscenely high price.  Chuckle at that seemingly misguided belief all you want, but once you take a look at Retrogaming with Racketboy's list of the rarest and most valuable GameCube games you'll find that stocking my investment portfolio with GameCube titles may yet buy me that private island someday.

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix - $56 - $140
DDR Mario Mix is a regular DDR game with Mario characters, music, and art. It is the only US released DDR game on the Gamecube. Nintendo released the game in limited quantities for the 2005 Christmas season and it quickly sold out. In early 2006 Nintendo restocked shelves but quietly discontinued the game soon after.  It should be noted that games with prices below $70 don’t usually include the Dance Mat.

My love of Mario Mix is no secret around here (even though I haven't been able to play since my terrible injury in early 2007), and while my Mario Mix game and Action Pad are well used, thanks to a shipping mix-up back when I reviewed the game I wound up with a second unopened untouched undanced package.  When news of the game's impending out-of-printness first cropped up, I carefully packed it away in a secure location in the hopes that someday it would be worth a bundle.  It continues to amaze me that Nintendo and Konami don't team up for a Wii sequel considering the casual gamer appeal. 

I'm not putting all my investment opportunities in just the Mario Mix basket though.  I have a few other of the valuable games on the list just waiting to turn into gold such as Worms 3D, Super Smash Bros. Melee (but doesn't everybody have that one?), and both Legend of Zelda compilation discs.  It's not private island time yet, but I'm patient.