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Sonic Spins Several Storybook Sagas

Sonic and the Black Knight With Sonic Unleashed behind him, Sonic the Hedgehog is gearing up for his next adventure in Sonic and the Black Knight for the Nintendo Wii.  This sequel to 2007's Sonic and the Secret Rings drops Sonic inside another familiar storybook setting, and judging by Sega's newly revealed "Sonic Storybook Series", it won't be his last visit to famous fiction.

Recently, we got to show you what Europe's version of Sonic and the Black Knight would look like, though the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo was mysteriously absent. Not so for the American version, however, which also reveals the title as being a part of the now-officially labeled "Sonic Storybook Series," which seems to imply that SEGA and Sonic Team hope to do more follow-ups to Secret Rings and Black Knight. The only question is, what stories might be next?

I can think of plenty of other fairy tale plots for Sonic to visit.  How about if Sonic has to defeat an evil reptile king and his endless hordes in order to rescue a princess? Or what if Sonic has to slay a vampire that rises every century inside a chaotic castle filled with classic and mythological monsters? Ooh, ooh, I got it; how about if Sonic has to thwart the ambitions of an inventor who has created eight mechanical men in a bid to conquer the world? There are just so many original possibilities.