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PS3 Media Hub Mystery

Nyko Media Hub+ One month later I'm still really enjoying the Sony PlayStation 3 experience.  As I said before, I sprang for the 160 GB bundle, and while I haven't missed the lack of PlayStation 2 compatibility, I do find myself wanting extra USB ports and memory card slots on the console.  Then while browsing I came across this Media Hub+ accessory from Nyko that snaps in to the left USB port on the PS3 and features 3 USB ports and a memory card slot for SD cards and memory sticks.  Have any of you out there used one of these?  Does it work?  Or is it another sketchy third-party accessory?  I'm thinking about ordering one, but if it's a piece of junk then obviously I'd rather not waste my money.  So, is there anyone with any experience with it out there?