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Air Man Lives!

Air Man So here we are in the year 200X and there's not a single Robot Master roaming around with his awesome weapons.  Technology is starting to catch up with the world of Mega Man, however, as one blue bomber fan has created his own action figure of Mega Man 2's beloved Air Man and — get this — it actually features a working fan.  Check out this video of Air Man coming to life by way of an altered Gundam figure.  Get ready to be blown away!

Impressive!  This could be the start of a whole line of functional Robot Master action figures.  Imagine a Fire Man that doubles as a lighter or a Drill Man that features an action spinning bit.  How about a Plug Man that acts as a battery charger?  Perhaps a Flash Man that can stop time?  Well, maybe not that last one, but at least the Air Man fan concept is solid.

(via Protodude's Rockman Corner)

Weekly Poll: Overachiever

Weekly Poll for 12-15-2008The majority of you out there haven't had the PlayStation Home experience yet, but those of us who have seem to be mostly underwhelmed.  I just don't see the point to the service at its current level of development.  Why would I want to hang out in a virtual world full of idiots?  That's part of the reason I don't care much for the real world, so I'm certainly not going to bring that sort of chaos into my home.  Now, moving around Home with friends could have its perks, but I've never seen anyone on my PlayStation buddy list using the service.  I'm hoping that Home grows into something unique, but it has a long way to go.

A few days ago I pointed you at the new online game based around earning Achievements, Achievement Unlocked.  Playing through the game and unlocking all of the Achievements led to some thought about the whole Achievement/Trophy gimmick.  Do they really add anything to the gaming experience?  Do they enhance replay value or drive players to push on when progress stalls?  Are they just an annoyance or have they become an integral aspect of modern gaming?  Let's hear your thoughts on Achievements and Trophies.

Optimistic Wii Owner Expects Great Things From New Video Card

Dr. Wily How would you like to give your Nintendo Wii a hardware boost?  All you have to do is rip out the console's video card and replace it with a more powerful model.  It's obvious that this will instantly crank the Wii's visual output quality to 1080p.  This is so simple that I don't know why it hasn't been tried before.  Somebody has to be the first to make history, and apparently it's this optimistic person who goes by the name "kielbasa" over at the 1UP forums.

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