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Homer Simpson A year ago I reviewed The Simpsons Game from Electronic Arts for the Nintendo Wii and came away impressed with the animated segments that progressed the story instead of the core gameplay.  I was even more disappointed though when I found out that the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 versions of the game had more content than the dumbed-down Wii edition.  I missed being able to explore the Springfield overworld that was excluded in the Wii version, so even though I'd finished the game, I made a note to revisit it in the future on one of this generation's powerhouse consoles.

Now that time has come and I've been working my way through the PS3 version of the game over the last few days, and now I'm impressed with the core gameplay and visuals.  The PS3 edition actually looks like the television show at times, whereas the Wii version's character models are blocky and downright ugly during extreme close-ups.  And yes, I've made it my mission to fully explore the Springfield overworld.  There's still a missing piece of the puzzle, however.  The game has a menu option for downloadable content that is/was supposedly going to be released via the PlayStation Network.  Here we are a year after the game's release and I find no mention of any extra material on the PlayStation Store.  What happened?  Did the game not sell well enough to justify extra content?  Did the developers just decide to move on to new projects?  Did I miss a memo somewhere?  What gives, EA?