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Mario Licensing Madness

Super Mario Bros. game watchThe holidays aren't just about giving and receiving video games as gifts.  They're also about giving and receiving miscellaneous items that are tangentially related to video games.  For twenty-five years now Nintendo fans have been enjoying all sorts of licensed products that feature the smiling face of everyone's favorite plumber, and Wii Fanboy has taken the liberty of compiling a little photo gallery of some of the best, worst, and most bizarre items to come from the kingdom of Super Mario.  They even list my Nelsonic Super Mario Bros. game watch.

Ya gotta tell time. Why not do it with these lovely Mario-themed wristwatches. The one pictured on the left best fits the nerdy-and-proud type of consumer while the other features a more elegant, middle-aged-with-kids-but-still-hopelessly-invested-in-video-games style.

I had a few of the items listed in the gallery when I was a child.  There's the watch, of course, but also the collector pins (I still have those, actually), the snacks, one of the towels, and the doll (which I also still have in storage, and, excuse me, that's "stuffed animal" as we used to call these sort of things).  The world of Nintendo was a really expensive and strange place back in the day.