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Nathan SpencerWe're coming into the home stretch of 2008 and you know what that means: best-of lists.  Tons of 'em.  For every conceivable topic.  Things are no different over at Kombo where we're kicking off our annual listing of the year's best games.  There'll be more to see later from Kombo as a whole, but for now take a look at the best ten games ranked by each individual Kombo editor (including me!).  Here's a bit of what I had to say:

Somehow I ended up playing more video games this year than in any previous year in recent memory. I didn't set out to achieve that; it just sort of happened. The consequence of trying to keep the size of the impending backlog down is that I didn't get to spend as much time as I'd have liked with any one game. I also jumped into the PlayStation 3 pool this year, opening up my gaming options beyond the mostly lackluster Wii titles that have dominated the release schedule for most of the past few months.

There are two games that missed landing in my top ten for different reasons and I want to take a moment to acknowledge them here.  Capcom's Mega Man 9 missed out because I forgot all about it when I was thinking back on all that I had played this year.  I don't know how I missed it when I remembered to include other games that were released solely as downloadable products.  The other game that was left behind is Burnout Paradise from Electronic Arts which I hadn't actually played when I compiled my list.  There's quite a lead time on this stuff, so in the weeks between meeting the Kombo deadline and publication I finally decided to give Burnout a try and have come away loving it.  So, Capcom and Electronic Arts, don't feel left out.  You both did well this year too as far as I'm concerned.