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Chun-Li Sort Of Explains New Street Fighter Movie

Kristin Kreuk I always thought that Raul Julia gave us the definitive live-action portrayal of M. Bison back in 1994's Street Fighter: The Movie, but Capcom is going ahead with another film from the world of Ryu and Ken with next year's Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li starring Kristin Kreuk as the Chinese lightning kicker herself and and Chris Klein as American Interpol agent Charlie Nash.  The two actors have been talking storyline and memories of the video games upon which their film is based.  At least, I think that's the idea here.

"It's about the character Chun-Li," [Kreuk] said in an interview on the red carpet for the Video Game Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend. "It's her origin story from when she was a little girl. She loses both of her parents. Her father is taken away. She doesn't know that, and she goes on a revenge journey and then eventually finds a teacher, a master to help her overcome her emotional attachments to getting her revenge so that she can actually see a greater good, and then go forth and fight from there."

Klein admits to being a fan of the Street Fighter game from way back. "Capcom is coming out with a new version of the game," he added. "Street Fighter version four for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in the first part of next year. But I was Nintendo 64 Street Fighter version two, since I'm a little bit older."

I must have missed that Nintendo 64 edition of Street Fighter version two.  How would one even play Street Fighter on the unconventional N64 controller?  My hands cramp up just thinking about it.  Give me Super Street Fighter Version Two Turbo High Definition Remix on the Sony PlayStation Version Three any day.