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Air Man Lives!

Air Man So here we are in the year 200X and there's not a single Robot Master roaming around with his awesome weapons.  Technology is starting to catch up with the world of Mega Man, however, as one blue bomber fan has created his own action figure of Mega Man 2's beloved Air Man and — get this — it actually features a working fan.  Check out this video of Air Man coming to life by way of an altered Gundam figure.  Get ready to be blown away!

Impressive!  This could be the start of a whole line of functional Robot Master action figures.  Imagine a Fire Man that doubles as a lighter or a Drill Man that features an action spinning bit.  How about a Plug Man that acts as a battery charger?  Perhaps a Flash Man that can stop time?  Well, maybe not that last one, but at least the Air Man fan concept is solid.

(via Protodude's Rockman Corner)