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Achievement Unlocked (Played Achievement Unlocked)

Achievement Unlocked One new aspect that has been added to video gaming this generation are Achievements (or Trophies, depending on your console of choice).  It's no longer enough just to slay monsters or rescue the princess, as now games track how many times our heroes run, jump, shoot, die, as well as other such statistics.  Did you defeat Concrete Man in less than ten seconds?  Here's your Achievement.  Have you crashed through thirty billboards in Paradise City ?  Mazel Tov, have a Trophy!  Some games go a little heavy on the Achievements, turning even the most mundane and expected accomplishment into a grand celebration.  Enter the amusing little metagame Achievement Unlocked in which the goal of the game is to unlock all one hundred Achievements for such necessary tasks as preloading the game, pressing the mute button, taking a step, jumping, dying, and much more.  Don't worry, there's a list of the Achievements to check if you find yourself stuck (and, of course, you earn an Achievement for checking that list).  I completed the game in 994 seconds.  Think you can do better?  Beat my score by a significant margin and I'll give you an Achievement.

(via MetaFilter)