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Weekly Poll: Demo Derby

Weekly Poll for 10-27-2008There seems to be some confusion out there on just what makes a high definition television high definition.  We're trying to move into the future of visual clarity and your cluelessness is holding us back!  Or maybe it's just the general expense of buying a new television in the current state of the economy and all the uncertainty that goes with it.   We may never know for sure.  As for me, my TV tops out at 720p and so far that's been good enough for me.  You know, I almost didn't include poll options for 576i and 576p on the grounds that I'd never heard of them before last week, so I guess I'm glad to see five of you out there made use of them.  That's gotta be some kind of metric television resolution, right?  Huh?

Let's move on to something that we can all understand.  How do you feel about game demos?  Do you usually try a demo before you make a purchase?  Microsoft Xbox Live and the Sony PlayStation Network have made a regular habit of supplying demos for plenty of major releases.  You can even get Nintendo DS downloadable demos from the comfort of your living room now.  How important are those demos to your purchasing decisions?  Are you a Nintendo Wii owner and wish that demos were available for that console?  Let's hear your thoughts on the matter.