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KongasI had a lot of fun with Nintendo's Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for the GameCube when it was released.  In fact, I played so often and for so long that I wound up beating my hands raw on the bongo drum controller.  Now that the game is coming back around for another pass on the Nintendo Wii we're starting to hear details about new content added to the adventure in addition to a revised control scheme.  IGN has the news.

Famitsu reports that one of the games, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, will be getting more than just a control update. Nintendo will be changing the gimmicks found in each stage, repositioning enemies, and adding mid-level check points. On top of this, those who played the GameCube original can look forward to completely new stages.

As for the control changes, Nintendo appears to be converting Jungle Beat into a more traditional platformer. The original had a unique control system that made use of the GameCube's bongo controllers. For the Wii version, you control Donkey Kong with the analogue pad on the nunchuck, and make him jump with the A button. The game does use motion controls for a few moves, including punching at enemies and performing continuous jumps.

Additional content for a game I like?  Sign me and my healed hands up for that one.  If Nintendo really wants to go the extra mile and please the fans that stuck with them during the GameCube's fading days they should allow remakes such as Jungle Beat to import old GameCube memory card data.  I took Jungle Beat as far as my bloodied palms could take me, so if I am to take another trip to the jungle it would be nice if I could pick up where I originally left off.

(via Kombo)