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Pushing Digital Daisies

Pushing Daisies The facts are these: one day, fifteen hours, and thirty-seven minutes ago television's Pushing Daisies aired its lowest rated episode ever, and as the show had been on the bubble for a while now, these poor numbers led to ABC declining to order any additional episodes, effectively canceling the series.  The show's story of a humble pie maker with the ability to bring the dead back to life and his detective adventures with his formerly deceased girlfriend, private investigator buddy, and pie shop waitress has been a consistent televised treat on Wednesday evenings.  The network does plan to air the remaining seven episodes that are already completed, meaning that the big cliffhanger at the end of Episode 22 is left to be resolved in some other form of media.  Series creator Bryan Fuller has comic book and film aspirations to complete the show's ongoing storylines, but I say why not bring Ned the pie maker to the world of video games?

I envision a RPG for Pushing Daises's second life that revolves around solving the quirky murder mysteries that have become the signature element of the series.  Place us in control of main characters Ned, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles (his girlfriend), Emerson Cod (the detective), and Olive Snook (the waitress), let us use their special talents to search for clues, talk to witnesses, and briefly reanimate the murder victims for interrogation in order to track down the culprits.  Add in plenty of the show's fun dialog, endearing one-shot & recurring characters, vocal performances from the cast (including the narrator!), and the vivid high definition visuals that give the television show such a bright, vibrant setting, and I bet the show's creative team could come up with something special for the home consoles if teamed with a talented developer and a publisher with the confidence needed for reviving the Daisies brand.  Yes, seeing new life for Pushing Daisies as a video game (even if only for one minute) would be fantastic.