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New Ghostbusters Game Continues To Impress

Learn To Spell, Dammit!

Dan Aykroyd We interrupt the usual gaming commentary to bring you today's soapbox rant.  The Ghostbusters video game is back in the news now that Atari has officially picked up the publishing rights.  This is great news, but one little thing continues to annoy me whenever this game is mentioned: nobody in the gaming press seems capable of spelling franchise writer and actor Dan Aykroyd's name correctly.  Consider these few examples from a whole sea of errors: Both Kotaku and  Kombo have a bad habit of spelling it "Ackroyd", whereas GamePro and Joystiq go with the equally incorrect "Akroyd".  It's A-Y-K-R-O-Y-D, people.  Two Ys there.  Check the IMDB if you're unsure and be sure that you spell it correctly.  I've been correcting people about this since my elementary school years and it doesn't seem that I'll be able to stop anytime soon.  So, again: Aykroyd!