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Kombo's Holiday Buyer's Guide 2008

Kombo's Holiday Buyer's Guide 2008 The turkey leftovers aren't even fully devoured yet and it's already time to focus on the holiday shopping season.  It doesn't matter that nobody has any money in our modern sour economy.  Every dollar counts this year, which means choosing which games to buy as presents for friends and loved ones is all the more important.  There's no need to risk your hard-earned money on a sixty dollar dud, however.  Over at Kombo we've come up with a list of recommended games for your shopping needs across a variety of categories such as "For the Gamer who wants to be Scared" and "For the Gamer who Loves a Good Story" among the more traditional Action/Adventure labels.  I wrote the little text blurbs for some of the entries which I feel is worth mentioning because I can be a shameless self-promoter at times.