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Game Boy Games Worth Gold

Rare Game Boy games It's strange, but when I think of rare and valuable video games I just don't think of games for Nintendo's long-running line of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.  Maybe it's because it seems as if Game Boy games have enjoyed massive production runs judging by the packed used game cases at GameStop and the like.  However, if this list over at Retrogaming with Racketboy is any indication, there are indeed some very pricey Game Boy games floating around out there on the open market.

Much like the NES games, there is quite a market for popular Game Boy games that are still in the factory plastic wrap.  Here’s a sampling of the biggest prices of the last couple of months.  I’ve linked to the actual auctions for the prices listed.   In most cases, a bare cart of the same games go for a small amount of cash.

  • Super Mario Land 2 (Original): $395
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Players Choice): $210 - $232
  • Contra: The Alien Wars: $216
  • Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Players Choice): $160
  • Metroid II: $150
  • Metal Gear Solid: $135
  • Final Fantasy Legend III: $108
  • Final Fantasy Legend: $108
  • Super Mario Land 2 (Players Choice): $105
  • The Empire Strikes Back: $105
  • Pokemon Red: $88
  • Pokemon Yellow: $79

So, do I have any gray game pak gold stashed away in my library?  A little, yes.  Mega Man 5 is the rarest of my collection according to this article.  Apparently open or sealed copies of Kwirk have yet to appreciate in value, but I'm patient.