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Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For A Friend Normally I'd find this kind of thing silly and pointless, but for some reason today the concept of holding a funeral for a dead game console made me smile.  When GameSpot community member Tiggerboy lost his fourth Microsoft Xbox 360 to the dreaded Red Ring of Death, he decided to send the console out in style with a memorial service attended by a variety of other game consoles and character models.

The rain was comforting today.  Xbox 360 the Fourth's funeral was held yesterday, November 20th in our home. It was a lovely funeral.  Many systems showed up for the funeral. Some couldn't make it, but sent their condolences.  Even though the system wars rage on, when a system passes, for a moment the wars stop, and soldiers give peace to even their most sworn enemies. It's all about respect.

Rest in peace, Xbox 360.  Ashes to ashes, dust covers to dust covers.

(via Fark)