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Coping With The Backlog Of Doom

That's–that's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was, was all the time I needed... ! It's not fair! How many video games do you have on your shelf?  Wow, that many?  Well, alright then, how many have you actually played for a decent amount of time?  Wait, what do you mean that most of them are still sealed in the original plastic wrapping?  So you have all of those games and you haven't found the time to explore them yet?  How do you deal with it all?  Maybe you should go ask the hive mind at Ask Metafilter for advice like this fellow did.

I have somehow found myself in a situation where I own over 60 games, for a variety of platforms, that I have played either not at all or for only a couple of hours.  The thing is, I don't consider myself a collector at all; I don't get any real enjoyment out of just owning the games. Most of them were originally bought because I read that they had good stories (a lot of these games are lengthy console RPGs, which makes the situation even worse), and because they were either at a cheaper than usual price. There are also quite a few games I have bought because they only rarely show up for sale these days.

I had full intentions of playing most of the games at the time I bought them, but because I tend to complete games very slowly they have gradually piled up. This has eventually resulted in my current situation, which I am quite unhappy about.  I'm now trying to rein back my spending, but I still have the backlog to deal with.  I was thinking of selling off a lot of them. There are a few problems with this however: it would be a lot of time and effort, and I tend to have fears (irrational, I know, but still there) that any game I sell will suddenly increase in value in the future. I also have a constant niggling worry that any game I sell would have turned out to be a great experience that I would have really enjoyed.

I suppose I could also make a massive push to play through them all, but when I think how long this would take (as mentioned, there are a lot of long RPGs amongst the games) I just feel defeated. Individually I would like to play all of these games, but as a mass it is just too daunting. I think I would probably end up using a lot of game guides and rushing through a lot of them, which I fear would make something I do for enjoyment feel too much like work.  I'm curious if anyone has ever been in a situation like this (although I admit it is somewhat unusual), or just has any advice on how I should proceed. I really would like to get on top of this...

Fear not, fearthehat.  You're not the only one with a stack of games that have yet to be fully explored (or even unwrapped).  I have a number of games that I fully intend to get around to playing someday, so the way that I see it is that somewhere down the line — years or even decades, hopefully — some event will severely alter my routine.  It could be devastating illness or injury or it could be something more extreme like the collapse of our civilized society.  Personally, I'm hoping for peaceful retirement.  Either way, at some point I'll have plenty of time to hang around the house with not much to do and no drive or reason to go outside very often.  That's when I'll break out the backlog and get to work.  I call it the "Time Enough At Last" scenario.