Kombo's Holiday Buyer's Guide 2008
Million Dollar Ducks

Cheap Sonic Unleashed Opportunity Today Only

Sonic the Werehog Although Kombo hasn't published my review yet (you'd think it was a holiday weekend here in the United States or something), I regret to inform you that the Nintendo Wii version of the Sonic Unleashed experience is not worth the $50 price tag.  However, it is worth a $30 price tag, and that's just the price Amazon.com is selling the game for today along with a $26(!) asking price for the Microsoft Xbox 360 version and a mere $15 for the Sony PlayStation 2 version, all of which are tremendous deals that suddenly make the game much more attractive.  Those are all low risk prices for a game that does have some bits of pure classic Sonic the Hedgehog blue sky sunny speed moments of absolute joy.  The yet-to-be-released PlayStation 3 version of the game isn't included in the sale, but three our of four major discounts isn't so bad.