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Capcom Wants Your Input

Darkwing DuckCapcom has enjoyed a great year with blasts from the past remade for modern tastes and technologies.  Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a triumph, while Mega Man 9 hits the 8-bit sweet spot.  Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is poised to break free next week.  This is a company that knows how to reinvent their beloved franchises (and you still haven't played Mega Man: Powered Up, Maverick Hunter X, or Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins, have you?).  Now the company is reaching out via its community blog to ask what old Capcom game/franchise you'd like to see given new life.

ScrewAttack put together another of their always-great Top 10 lists, this time focusing on games that need to be brought back.

After giving Capcom the props for revisiting games like Bionic Commando and of course Street Fighter, he mentions a few things I'd personally like to see (like Starfox!), as well as a bunch of choices from the Capcom stable, including Power Stone, Strider, and... I won't give away their #1 choice.

But really?  People want that?  We had no idea!  Anyway, tell us, what games do YOU think Capcom should revisit?

There plenty of easy answers to that question (most of which involve things like Strider), but I'm going to reach back to 1991 with my answer, licensing restrictions be damned: bring back Darkwing Duck.  That's been a dead Disney franchise for years now, so why not hand it over to Capcom again and let them update it for my generation, a generation that fondly remembers the character from our childhoods and would like to see something new with him and his world that's been updated for our grown sensibilities and tastes?  I think it could be done well.  They could start by giving him a bionic arm...

Just kidding about the bionic arm.

(via Kotaku)