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Awesome Nintendo Power Posters Remembered

Mega Man 3Today's sole addition to Nintendo's Virtual Console library is the Nintendo Entertainment System classic Mega Man 3.  The release merited a mention over at Kombo, and a memorable Nintendo Power poster from 1990 is used to illustrate the article.  It's not actual Capcom-created character artwork, but is instead something crafted by the magazine's in-house art staff.  It's a different look for the Robot Masters, but I think it suits some of them well (especially Spark Man and Magnet Man). 

Mega Man 3

I was an ardent Nintendo Power subscriber as a child, so my entertainment room walls were covered in Power posters for games that I owned or wanted to buy.  Of course, now that I'm an adult, my tastes are more mature and refined.  The cheaply printed freebie Mega Man and Bubsy posters stuck to the wall with poster tack are long gone and have been replaced with something more contemporary (such as framed Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Family Guy prints). 

Poster via The Warp Zone