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Awesome Mega Man 9 Music Remixes Go Heavy On Concrete Shot

Concrete ShotThe music behind the Mega Man series — particularly the original 8-bit melodies — is some of the best gaming music of all time.  The songs are catchy and memorable, yet deceptively simple.  They're also great source material for remixes.  A Mega Man fan by the name of Fredrik Larsson has been hard at work on giving the music of Mega Man 9 some kickass tweaking, and now we get to enjoy the results in this video that mixes the music with impressive gameplay performances through most of the game's levels (including the final boss, so consider yourself warned if you're still avoiding spoilers after all this time).

I had no idea that Concrete Man's weapon was so versatile.  This explains how some people can clock in with some amazingly short Time Attack times.  My play style is way to cautious and conservative to pull off some of the maneuvers seen here.

(via Kombo)