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Weekly Poll: HDness

Weekly Poll for 10-20-2008 Like I've said before, as much as I love a solid 3D adventure game, my heart belongs to 2D.  Plenty of you out there seem to feel the same way.  I'm not sure why a well-designed 2D world can outshine a comparatively impressive 3D environment, but I like to think that is has something to do with the 2D world sparking imagination more than a 3D counterpart.  In 2D sometimes you have to fill in the gaps imposed by the medium, while 3D worlds usually have every last detail spelled out for us.

Speaking of seeing every last detail, how is your television holding up these days?  Have you jumped into the HDTV pool yet?  How HD is your television?  Are you holding firm with 480i and a RF connection?  Perhaps you're from a region that uses that wacky 576p standard for some reason.  Is 720p good enough for now?  Or do you top out at the eye-melting 1080p?  Let's hear your thoughts and/or dreams about owning a big box with pretty pictures on it.