Nintendo Plans Seven GameCube-To-Wii Ports
We Should Have Seen The DSi Coming

Weekly Poll: The "i" Means "I Want One"

Weekly Poll for 9-29-2008Not much love for the card games, it seems.  As a child I used to enjoy plopping myself down in front of the television with a deck of actual playing cards and enjoying round after round of Solitaire.  Then Windows 3.1 came into my life with its built-in Solitaire program, and, well, the deck found its job outsourced to an entity that could do the job more efficiently. 

Speaking of retiring old things, Nintendo has revealed the next DS revision.  As you may have heard, the new DSi includes new gimmicks such as cameras and a SD card slot.  Are you ready to hand over more money to Nintendo or does your current DS meet your needs already?  Let's hear your thoughts.