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Weekly Poll: Memory Matters

Weekly Poll for 10-6-2008So your current Nintendo DS handles your DS needs?  Fancy cameras and built-in storage space and DSWare aren't teasing you, taunting you, or tempting you?  I may ask this question again when the DSi actually launches to see if the results differ.  It's easy to turn your back on new hardware until the killer apps show up.  As for me, I'm interested in the DSi because I held off on buying a DS Lite and am still getting heavy use out of my original 2004 model DS.  I can see myself moving up to a DSi for the fancy screens, but admittedly if I had a DS Lite now, I'd probably hesitate to upgrade.  Once again, it's all about the games.  If New Super Mario Bros. 2 requires a DSi for some reason, I doubt I would pass on it.

Speaking of built-in storage space, how are your home console's hard drives and flash memory holding out?  Have you filled it with game saves and downloadables?  Do you have room to spare?  Are you wishing now that you'd have kicked in a few extra dollars for the Sony PlayStation 3 with the larger hard drive?  Are you cursing at Nintendo for only including a pittance of flash memory inside the Wii?  Let's hear about your storage situation.