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The Great PlayStation Caper

PoppleAttention all units: be on the lookout for a stolen big rig hauling a few thousand Sony game consoles.  The truck went missing early Monday morning in the Melbourne, FL area and despite the GPS unit in the truck broadcasting a signal for a little while, it's still missing.  Local6.com has the story.

A tractor-trailer that was reported stolen Monday by its driver was loaded with 5,000 Sony PlayStation game consoles worth an estimated $750,000, Melbourne police said on Tuesday. Robert Arden Fisher, 61, told Lopez that he parked the rig in the rear parking lot of BJ's Wholesale Warehouse, located at 1155 Palm Bay Road in Melbourne, at 1:30 p.m. Saturday and then went to visit a friend in Palm Bay. Lopez said Fisher told him that when he returned at 7:15 a.m., he found that the rig was missing and immediately contacted his company and authorities. Fisher told Lopez the trailer was secured with a U.S. Customs lock and a personal padlock. He said the truck itself also was locked. The trailer was loaded with 28 pallets, each containing 250 PlayStation game consoles, Melbourne police said.

The story is missing a very important detail: just what kind of PlayStation are we talking about here?  The article fails to specify if we're talking about PS2s, PSPs, or PS3s.  Maybe we can get some answers if we put our math skills to the test.  We know from the article that the missing PlayStations are valued at $750,000 and that there are 28 missing pallets of 250 consoles each for a total of 7,000 consoles.  That works out to an approximate value of $107 per missing console.  That's much too low to be anything but a PS2 (assuming wholesale prices, of course).  However, the same article also says that there were 5,000 consoles in the truck (not 7,000 as implied elsewhere in the same article), which gives us a value of $150 each which could indicate a cargo of PlayStation Portables instead.  So which is it?  We may never know unless the police find Schrödinger's Truck intact.

Of course, if these are PSPs that were stolen, then the joke may be on the thieves: assuming those are the new PSP-3000 units in the truck, they've just stolen themselves a few thousand consoles with inferior, scanline-laden screens!