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Save Those Boxes!

DS game case We spend a lot of time focusing on the game developers and publishers that help drive the gaming industry, but let us pause for a moment to give thanks for the folks who design and manufacture the packaging that our beloved games wear as a stylish and protective jacketDavid Oxford waxes philosophic re: boxes over at Kombo.

In the eras of 8 and 16-bit gaming, there was a common practice amongst gamers in which, upon getting a new game, they would proceed to discard every single thing that came with it. The instruction manuals were fortunate if they weren't cast to the curb with the rest, waiting for the cold Thursday-morning embrace of the garbage man's gloves to take them to their final resting place.

I never got this, personally. I kept my stuff intact. Hell, it pissed me off whenever I got a game that didn't have a box to sit alongside the rest.

In any event, it seems that the time of wasteful discarding of boxes and booklets has passed, as now more gamers are wisely holding on to the cases in which their games come.

I'm with David on this one.  I've been saving boxes and cases from the very start of my video gaming adventures all the way back to Bubble Bobble for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  In fact, my driving need for original boxes and cases is part of why I looked down on buying used games for years and years.  No original case?  No sale!  I've been able to move past that restriction in recent years though thanks to printable replacement cover art and a cube of empty DVD cases snagged from Best Buy.  That reminds me; I need to print out a cover for that used copy of Wario World I bought a while back.