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One Last Mega Man 9 Secret

Bass Capcom's Mega Man 9 continues to impress, but even after we think we've seen it all (including the ninth Robot Master, Fake Man) there's still one last little secret hidden away that Capcom claims is still undiscovered.

Yesterday Seth, who is the Community Manager over at Capcom had the following to say about an undiscovered secret within Mega Man 9.

"There's only one undiscovered Mega Man 9 secret that I know about… I don't predict anyone will discover this one for quite a while yet…" -- Seth Killian, Capcom Community Manager

My guess?  Mega Man's rival Bass is locked away somewhere in the game, either as a playable character or another boss.  We've already seen his schematics in the background of Dr. Wily's Skull Castle in a seemingly random appearance just for the sake of fan service.  I believe that has to be a pointer towards something special.  Why go to all the trouble of designing an 8-bit version of Bass and then not actually use him somewhere in the game?  Now, for a different theory, The Mega Man Network notes that there are some unused sprites for both Mega Man and Proto Man in the game data that depict the characters throwing something and that there's still that one last empty slot in the weapons select screen.  Could there be a tenth Robot Master with a new acquirable weapon waiting in the wings somewhere?

My second guess?  Playable Dr. Light.